Flashback Web Design offers a personalized service and follow-up support for local micro businesses. We understand the need for a well designed, tailor-made website within a small marketing budget.

Our first impressions of a website are formed by its style, colours, layout and images – is it up to date? relevant? appealing? Then we start to read. We want information quickly, efficiently and in a friendly, accessible style. So how do we achieve this?


  • Talk to you about your business – usually face to face, making notes on what you say.

  • Condense this information into web-friendly short paragraphs and bullet points aiming to balance each page of your website with text and images.

  • Find out what you think your potential customers would type into Google when looking for your services or product.

  • Ensure that your Home page text contains these phrases in a natural way.

  • Proofread repeatedly.

  • Check with you for accuracy of content and omissions.



Effective copywriting goes hand in hand with search engine optimisation. Well written text containing key words is vital in affecting your ranking with Google. You don’t need to write anything if you don’t have time – just talk to us about what you know best – your business and customers. We’ll do the rest – ensuring that what is written on your website appeals to customers and the search engines alike.

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Your website is your shop window - it needs constantly updating.

Technology and fashion change all the time - websites need to keep up!

A good website is always a work in progress - we talk to our clients and make changes on a regular basis.

Mobile Friendly?

All the websites we develop now are responsive and therefore mobile friendly. Whatever device is used to view your website, the size of the page automatically adjusts.