Flashback is a small consultancy offering personalized service and simple, cost-effective advice regarding web design, promotion and optimization. We maintain contact with all our clients so that updates, changes or additions can easily be made.


Mobile friendly sites

Need help with a website? Give us a call.


Flashback Web Design offers a personalized service and follow-up support for local micro businesses.


We understand the need for a well designed, tailor-made website within a small marketing budget.

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Some websites have been designed by friends, others lie dormant for months and years and simply fade away . . . don't let this happen to you. We can take your website as a starting point, analyse . . .

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It is essential to keep your site up to date. If you neglect it, your site will be ignored by Google and potential customers. 


Websites need to be found by search-engines . .

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Effective copywriting goes hand in hand with search engine optimisation. Well written text containing key words is vital in affecting your ranking with Google.

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